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21 February 2008

So I'm eating a pizza...

and I look around for the bit that (I thought) I just set down, then decided I must have eaten it, only to find it a minute later when I reached for something else and hit it with my arm. It had blended in with the pattern on the couch cushion.


Beth said...


The Gearharts said...

Why won't I see you. You are still in Lubbock? Right. We are living in Lubbock too. You saw Chris and Jessica?

We are going to ride around the block:)

Kar said...

So you have a pizza-patterned couch? ;) That's pretty hilarious.

sparquay said...

Pictures or it didn't happen. We must see this pizza patterned couch.

Su said...

Beth: Yeah, that's what I did, too.

Amy: I don't see anyone that I don't either work or go to church with. I just don't get out that much. :) Of course, if you shop at Market Street between 6 and 8 most evenings, I may see you. Or you could just visit South Plains. Or you could go for a walk along Memphis between 34th & 50th streets between 5-5:30 Monday through Friday, which is how I saw Chris.

Kar: I think it is a bit disconcerting, actually. The colours of a couch and a pizza should not be that similar. Of course, my eyesight is bad, but I was wearing glasses.

Aaron: Sorry, I was too interested in eating the pizza to take a picture of it. Maybe next time. :)

Kar said...

Actually I think I've had something similar happen, but it is so much more fun to make fun of you for it. :) The shape-shifting powers of couches and pizzas have yet to be scientifically invetigated, so who knows.

Honestly, Su, you ought to have your camera out for every event in your life. C'mon!