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06 April 2008

New Mess

So I've been AWOL again (or UA, if you prefer, although I still haven't worked out what that stands for), with our packing and moving frenzy. We are now in the new apartment, with all of our stuff, although getting it all into order is proving problematic thus far. We gave away a TON of stuff before this move (a desk, a couch & chair, five bags to goodwill), and we still have far more things than two people could possibly need. Plus, some friends who moved before we did gave us some furniture. So we have no lack of places to put things, just an overabundance of things.

Anyway! So to go with my nice laptop, we now have wireless internet (comes free with the apartment). I have to say, it is pretty cool. I am certainly enjoying it thus far.

Unfortunately, I have nothing of much interest to share. Which is another reason that I haven't blogged recently-- I mean, who wants to hear all the details of packing and moving?

We have a race in two weeks, though. Always a crowd favourite. In the meantime, Chad and I are cycling to church this morning, so I'd better go wake him up.


Nora said...

Where are you living now?

Beth said...

Blech, moving.

We have far more than four people could ever need; I am really trying to downsize. I took a whole trunk full of things to the thrift store a couple weeks ago, but we still have so much....

Su said...

Nora: That's classified.

Beth: I hear ya. Isn't that aggravating?

Kar said...

The joys of boxes, and more boxes. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Nora said...

Are you worried about me stalking you again? I really wish you would learn to get over things! I mean seriously is has been like 6 months ... get over it already!

Su said...

Kar: We passed the boxes on to some other poor sods who are moving. Ha! Ha!

Nora: Fine, we live at the Driftwood. But be warned: my neighbours all have your photo.