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17 March 2008


It's after 10 and I'm tired (woke up that way, then cycled to work and ran 4 miles this evening), and I would really like to go to bed. But I am waiting for the dishwasher to stop running, because I will never fall asleep while it is still going. And for the reason why that should bother me... keep reading.

Chad left for Mexico on Saturday morning, and as soon as I got back from the airport I started packing things up for our move in two weeks. And I needed a place to put the packed boxes, so I decided on... our bedroom! I moved out the mattress (we were planning to do this anyway) to the living room, hauled out the rest of the furniture, hoovered, and then moved in all the boxes I'd packed up. Now, the entire apartment looks like a poorly-organised jumble sale.

So, with the mattress in the living room, I have to wait for noisy appliances to stop going if I intend to sleep at all. And even the quiet ones are a problem... last night, the crock pot lid kept doing that little bounce thing that is no problem during the day, but is murder at night for the light sleeper. The night before that, the wind chime on the porch was frantically waving in the wind (it has since been taken down and packed).

What has been gratifying from this whole Chad-free experience is the knowledge that I cannot easily sleep on my own now. When we first married, I spent about 3 sleepless months, followed by 3 difficult-sleeping months, followed by an undefined period of mostly sleeping but getting annoyed every time Chad woke me up. And now, I have a chance to sleep by myself, in my own bed, for a week... and it's been rough. Now I feel like an old married woman!

Does anyone want to come help me pack?


Kar said...

Aw, that's cute. :) I am sorry you are such a light sleeper, though. You really hear all that at night? How do you get sleep?

Su said...

This is a question that I've been trying to answer for about 30 years. Well, about 25 years. Before that, it was my parents' problem.