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03 March 2008

The voices in my head

I had to change the title of the post after I wrote it, because the post went a completely different direction than I intended once I started typing it.

So, I'm listening to Derek, and I'm wondering AGAIN why I have so much trouble with the Scottish accent. Of course, I know the answer; my pathetic brain can only deal with one accent at a time, and Chad came in a few minutes ago & started talking. Scottish comprehension gone.

That is not the point of my story. For the past year or so I've been going on to the Castlemilk blog that Charlie keeps so up-to-date, and then following the links to read the lessons. And I will usually try to "hear" the lessons in the speaker's own voice in my head (except for David, because I haven't heard him enough to remember what his voice sounds like). But now, Derek's page has two-- TWO!!-- lessons on mp3. Brilliant, no need for me to conjure up Derek's voice in my head.

Instead, I'll have to listen a couple of times while I'm alone in the house to make sure I get it all. Perhaps I should rethink my life's dream of being an interpreter.

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