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03 March 2008

Tagged, again.

I'm sure these are not repeats of the last time I was tagged. (The reason I'm so sure is that I just read it when I hunted up the link.) The rules for this one are: 10 things about yourself, followed by 10 new tagees.

1. I was named after a Hostess cake! Not really (at least, I HOPE not really), but my dad wanted to call me Suzi-Q, hence the name Susan. One that was extremely out of style by the time I was born, I might add; most of the Susans I know are over 50. Anyway, I'm still not wild about Suzi-Q, although I do like Su (stolen from the Narnia books). There aren't many people that call me that, but I do hear it. Just don't spell it with an "e".

2. That was like 3 in 1, right? So I'm now down to about 7, instead of 10?

3. When (if) I grow up, I would like to earn a master's degree, and perhaps a doctorate, in linguistics. I really want to get a handle on half-a-dozen (or so) languages, and work as an interpreter, possibly for the government. Doesn't have to be ours, I'll work for the British government if they want me to.

4. The above-mentioned dream might be out of my reach, because my brain cannot process more than one accent at a time. Therefore, if you are American and you are talking to me, and a Scottish person walks in the room, expect to be tuned out. Sorry, I just can't do it.

5. Did I mention I love Scotland? Its people, its scenery, its customs, its long hours of summer daylight, and sometimes even the weather and the food. But mostly its people.

6. I have never lived in a blue state. Well, I've only lived it two states, so it's not been that hard. This primary election cycle, we Texans are finding out what it must be like to live in a swing state. It's nice to not be ignored.

7. Bible bowl is fun, but should be taken in small doses. :) Except that there is no such thing as small-dose Bible bowl, although we are closer to it this year than we have ever been. The cast of Bible bowl changes so quickly; there are a lot of people I still think of as "Bible bowl people" or "Bible bowl kids" who haven't been for four or five years. But it is still a good motivator to get the kids to study the Bible.

8. I run for fun. I used to think people who did that were a. masochistic b. insane or c. stupid. Now I know that while "b" is certainly part of the equation, and "c" probably finds its way in from time to time, "a" is not. So that's a bit of a relief. My running is slow and strange, and I've been told ever since my freshman year of high school that I run like a duck (people used to quack behind me in P.E., and my husband has taken to doing the same thing).

9. Speaking of waterfowl, I have had to run for my life from geese in the park. They tried to bite me, but missed and only got a beakful of scrub bottoms. I thought about fighting back, but decided I would never be able to convince animal control that the geese started it. So I ran, and the geese forgot that they have wings and can, therefore, move faster than me.

10. I'm going to be 30 in two months. My birthday falls on a Saturday, and for my birthday I'm getting my hair cut & coloured, and I'm going shopping. For a dress. My goal is to walk into church the day after my 30th birthday and not be recognised. Heh heh heh.

I'm not tagging anyone. If you want to play, consider yourself tagged.


Kar said...

You're coloring your hair? What color?

Su said...

Red, again. A longer-lasting red than last time, I hope. The girl who does my hair said we would go for a darker red in the heavy-duty dye, so that it would keep the grey covered for longer than a couple of weeks.

Kar said...

Nice. I've always thought red was the best of the colors to dye your hair.