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01 March 2008

Another running blog

I try to keep these to a minimum (hence the reason for not blogging much lately), because I'm sure it is wearing on the non-runners around here. But here's the update:

We missed the January running club race, because we hadn't renewed our membership yet, because we still thought we were leaving. And so, we were pretty lazy about training in December and January.

At the running club year-end social, I got a third-place plaque for my age group for 2007. This is purely by default; everyone else who had more points than I didn't volunteer for a race last year, which is a requirement to get a year-end award. Chad won a door prize that evening. And we went ahead and renewed our membership.

So, at the February race, Chad went for the 8-mile, and I tried the 4-mile. Chad unfortunately realised that he was in over his head and didn't finish. (Although we still think that Did Not Finish is better than Did Not Start.) I did finish my race, with a better time than I expected, and got my first WTRC medal; third place in the 25-29 age group. No prizes for guessing how many runners were in my age group. :) I am happy that I did finish before the first 8-mile finisher.

We have been coaching 10-15 kids at a local Boys and Girls Club since the beginning of February, in preparation for a kids' fun run, which happens next weekend. Chad and I will be running a 4 mile race that day, after we cheer on our team to finish. Although we have had fun (mostly) with the kids, we are ready to be done with this little venture.

I am currently training for a 15K (9.32 miles) in April, and an 11 mile in May. My goal for both of these races is survival; I just want to finish without embarrassing myself too much. :) We ran our long run on hills today (the next three races are hilly), and it proved to be too much for me, again. It is really discouraging to have to cut a run short, but the good news is that I will know where the trouble spots are next week. Well, in two weeks, because we have a race next week.

So, building endurance is the goal. There's a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

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