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01 March 2008

The update

So I've been reading blogs this evening, maniacally commenting all over the place, etc. So here is what is going on, in case someone wanders over and wonders why all the lights are off:

Bible bowl: Three weeks of instruction to go, then we are done and the other teachers (you know, the ones who actually have kids in Bible bowl) will continue with review sessions. The only competition we are planning to go to is the first weekend in April.

Journeyland: We just finished another rotation. Once Bible bowl finishes, we are taking a break from childrens' ministry for a while.

Dance lessons: Chad got us eight ballroom dancing lessons for our anniversary. Our first one was this past Tuesday, and our instructor is a hoot! He made it a lot of fun for us, although neither of us are much good at dancing.

Running coaches: Who in their right mind would want us as running coaches is beyond me, but the man in charge of the Team Kids' Cafe is obviously not in his right mind, so we've been coaching a few kids for the past 5 weeks. This week coming is our final week, because the race is on Saturday.

Angel food: Today was the 48th Angel food distribution day, or the finish of South Plains' 4th year of involvement. It does not seem like that long ago that we started doing this, but there is a group of very committed people who make sure this comes off every month. We are not part of that group, but we do turn up most months to help hand out food.

Ladies' retreat: I'm on the committee, which is kind of odd since I am generally opposed to women's events. However, the Ladies' Christmas tea chairwoman cannot shun all events but her own, I'm afraid. It is a bit ungracious. :)

Moving: We are moving to a different apartment at the end of March.

Work: Yeah, I still do that, too.

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