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30 June 2008


Nearly made Grandma crazy. Decided to let her make punch. Got some last-minute things at Wal-Mart. Decorated the church building. (I had to stand on the tables, which worried Grandma to no end. About the tables, I think, not my safety.) Checked out '60s music from the library.

Friday evening pretty much warrants its own post. We had decided we wanted the younger crowd (Chad & I, Billy, Denise, and Amanda) to go out to dinner and have fun without the benefit of any middle-aged people around. So we went to Applebee's, which we are very fond of.

Now my sister has been a teetotaler for the last four years. The rest of us have all had a drink (or few) since turning 21, but Denise has been holding out on us. Until that fateful night. She tried my strawberry daquari and Billy's Bud Light (and I'm surprised the taste of that didn't completely put her off alcohol forever), before ordering a banana daquari (and getting carded in the process. Heehee!). Amanda took a picture of all of our drinks. I was afraid she'd be bored, hanging out with a bunch of people 10+ years older than herself, but I think we kept her pretty well amused.

So, after we finished dinner, we went out to Opal's house to collect Mum's cake. Denise managed to get her hand stuck in the handle on the seat back in front of her, then fell off her seat altogether (while wearing a seatbelt, mind you) when Chad swerved. I would say that this is the result of the alcohol in her system, except she acts like that all the time. Amanda also got pictures of both those events.

Then we went back to Grandma's house and played Uno, until Aunt Glenda came along to get Amanda home safely. Well, it was after 11, and she is still a new driver.

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