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29 June 2008

I guess my TV will just gather dust for a month.

So, that's it. Well done Spain, you certainly deserve to be the European Champions.

One more week of Wimbledon. Tomorrow, all the players I am keeping an eye on (Federer, Williams, Nadal, Murray, and Williams) will be playing, so I suppose I should grow an extra pair of eyes. My ideal finish next weekend would be Williams v. Williams on Saturday, and Federer v. Nadal on Sunday. Two great days of tennis. Of course, I want Nadal to defeat (but not too badly) Andy Murray to get there. In other words, Andy, please win tomorrow.

And after Wimbledon is over... nothing. Well, one more weekend of televised Olympic trials, but other than that, I have nothing to watch until 08.08.08.

I suppose it might be healthy to be away from the telly for a month.

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