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02 June 2009

In the middle of our street

So we went for a walk Sunday afternoon.

It was, as most (all) of our walks are, for a purpose; we needed laundry detergent. So, out the door we went. I was struck, for the umpteenth time, by how much of my neighbourhood I miss by driving. There are geese in just about every yard (not the mad geese, by the way; these seem to be more docile) around the park, which provides many opportunities for amusement, although possibly not for the homeowners. I saw a couple of pretty angel statues in the yard on the corner for the first time; I've driven past there hundreds of times and never seen them.

And to get to the store, we went through two different church parking lots just as everyone was leaving. Two different denominations, two different groups of people, don't know us from any other John or Jane (or Chad or Susan) they might see, and do you know what happened? Everyone who we got near to smiled and said hello.

I fail to see the advantage in driving.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

My wife and I often wish cities were built like they used to be - with homes and businesses intermixed so we could walk everywhere we needed to go. Ah, the pain of suburbia!

Su said...

No kidding.

Kar said...

That sounds so neat. Getting to know your neighborhood. :)

Glad someone evicted the mad geese before you came along.