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16 May 2009

Time to go!

Yes, I have been sadly neglecting my blog. Mostly it is because I'm not doing anything that interesting right now. There is also the evil influence of Facebook to deal with, and finally, I've been working on two quilts, and that takes up the rest of my spare time.

We ran a race last weekend; Chad and I both brought home medals; race report to follow once I've finished quilting.

I worked overtime this week, to get sort-of caught up in time to go out of town.

And... I'm leaving tomorrow in the wee hours to head for Indiana, so I can see my brother get married. That hasn't stopped sounding strange yet.

Today, I have lots to do (graduation gifts & cards to buy, birthday cards as well, suitcase to pack, hair to get done, and more quilting to do), starting with a run of an hour or so. I'd better get on it.


sarah chia said...

I thought you were holding out on facebook... it's got some irresistable lure. :P

Timbra said...

have fun in IN we'll be there on Friday :) thankfully only ONE graduation. . . meaning one card to buy (already bought) one wad of cash to put in it and no gifts to buy. . . . have a great trip!

Su said...

Sarah: I was. Too bad I finally caved.

Timbra: Ended up buying 7 cards and sticking money in all of them. Just two personal notes, and they both said, "We're proud of you!" or something like that. I doubt that they'll remember later what we wrote in their cards, anyway.