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02 May 2009

It may not be Swine Flu, but it still stinks.

So, I've been leaving spelling errors all over the Internet. I realise that this is not a problem for most people-- I see others' errors all the time-- but for my borderline OCD and well-over-the-border anal brain, this is a nightmare. I like correct spelling. It makes me happy.

I've narrowed down the source of my spelling woes to two possibilities: 1. All the bad spellers around me have finally taken their toll on my limited mental capacity; or 2. It's oxygen deprivation from this stupid cold, and I probably shouldn't be typing while sick.

Now, it's a great American tradition, as well as a gen-X mandate, to blame all my troubles on other people. But I won't do that, because I really do believe it is reason two. My body, and therefore, my brain, are busy fighting off the enemy invaders that are limiting my breathing, causing muscle aches, sending me into violent coughing spasms, raising my temperature, and otherwise making sure I can't run today. So, I'm sure the spelling ability will return once all combatants have left the battlefield.

In the meantime, just make fun of me; I lack the capacity to notice right now, anyway.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I was going over my old blog posts and was amazed and disturbed at the typos! Hope they haven't contributed to your insanity!

Su said...

I don't mind other people doing it.

Kar said...

"So, I'm sure the spelling ability will return once all combatants have left the battlefield."

What a relief. Hey, do you suppose good spelling is like your superhero power? :P

Hope you feel better soon.

Su said...

Hmmm... good question. I hope not, because that's a dumb superpower. Correct grammar, on the other hand...

I do feel much better, thank you!