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Sunday: Church-related or spiritual things.
Monday: Running.
Tuesday: Books.
Wednesday: Transportation.
Friday: Green living.

07 May 2009

I write some of the world's most brilliant blog posts in my head when the computer is far out of reach, but they are gone completely once I sit down to write them. Sheesh.

So, I'm back to full power, as far as I can tell, in both the running and the cycling. Yay! I went running Monday evening with a big silly grin on my face, I was so happy to be out and going. We have a race on Saturday (six miles), and I'm looking forward to it.

Getting everything together for my trip to Indiana-- I leave in 10 days. I'm working on quilts for my soon-to-be niece & nephew, and should be doing that instead of blogging right now.

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