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30 April 2009

Sneaking one last one in.

... Before May hits. Arrives. Whichever you want to call it.

So, I've been sick this week, which has led to not much blogging, because there is not much interesting to say about being sick.

Except this: It's my bad luck to get sick during a national panic attack. Seriously. I had my nose & throat swabbed (fun!) and had to wait around to see if anything came back positive (it didn't). If the flu test had been positive, it would have gone to the local Department of Health, and if it was the correct type of positive there, then it would have gone to the CDC in Atlanta. The thought of the CDC examining the contents of my nose was not a happy one. Thankfully, I am flu- and strep-free, and therefore mostly capable of going to work. And I have hopes of a full recovery by Sunday, because I don't want to take DayQuil on my birthday.

So, I have another post cooking about my current quilt project. Stay tuned.

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