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22 February 2010

Back to Earth.

I've been able to claim the title "Marathoner" for one week. And what a week it's been.

Non-runners, who don't know how horrible my time really was, have been oohing and aahing over every sore muscle and the tales from every last mile.

Runners, who don't care how horrible my time really was, all want to know if I've caught the bug. (Yep. Can't wait for my next one.)

I've been hugging people all over the place (if you missed it, sorry-- I'm done!) and showing off my medal to anyone who will listen. Not to mention forwarding my race pictures to everyone at the office and generally making a nuisance of myself to everyone around me-- I'm sure some of them were hoping to be freed from hearing "marathon" from me every thirty seconds. (I think that's just my repayment for having to hear "football" every ten seconds for six months out of the year.)

I wanted to go running this evening, but I was a bit put off by the freezing temps. I don't have anything on my running plan this week, so it was just going to be for fun. But, it will be warmer later this week, so I'll get some miles in before March arrives.

It is a bit of a departure for me to want to run this badly so soon after a race-- after both my half-marathons, and especially after Austin last year, I wasn't eager to get back to it. But I've recovered so quickly this time (slow race + massage will do that to you!) and I've been feeling great since Wednesday, and I'm desperate to get back out there. Guess I really have caught the bug.

So, this marathoner is ready to see just how fast she can run a half-marathon in Oklahoma.


Sarah said...

Still in awe and hoping I can join your elite club! :) you've earned the right to brag, sister!

I ran Wednesday after the race and realized I was a little too eager! I'm back in business this week....even getting in a few spin classes. Feels good to be back on track!

Su said...

I'm looking forward to the nice weather & no plans we're supposed to have on Thursday-- I am so getting out there!