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24 February 2010

Write your own Olympic Commentary

There is a game on Whose Line is it Anyway? in which the players watch a movie clip with no sound, and they provide the dialogue. I enjoy playing a similar game with the Olympic events, because sometimes the commentary is too much. However, I do have to say that the Winter commentary is so very superior to the Summer commentary, possibly because they are spread more thinly at the Summer games. But I would like to make one teensy, eensy request of our Winter friends: Please don't deliver every line of the call in a shouting voice. You may shout when something exciting happens, but otherwise, your microphone will pick up your normal speaking voice just fine.

So, I tend to be kind of grumpy at the commentators. I know in my head that in order to be a successful journalist, one must sell one's soul to Satan. I know that they aren't paid to sit there quietly, and I should expect to hear the persistent voices throughout the event. I know that they are experts and can make the Games more enjoyable for me by telling me what is going on. I know that any of their millions of viewers can turn on the TV at any time, and that's why the man just said the same thing for the 100th time this half hour. I know all these things, and yet... sometimes I just have to hit the mute button.

Play on, Olympians.


Timbra Wiist said...

so, in the nordic or whatever, i find the commentary very helpful because it makes a long tedious watching, much more exciting, like. . there are still 54 minutes left of this race but I'm talking SO excitedly and loudly that it seems like it's a photo finish right now :) wv: makesin

Su said...

I tried 3 or 4 times to answer you the other day, & kept getting an error. Grr. I don't remember now what it was, except that I'm pretty sure I make up my own commentary for the nordic. :)