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06 March 2010

Too Much!

I has happened again.

I wrote a letter to the Busyness Gremlin back in November, telling him it was time to go. Apparently, all he really did was hide in a closet while the Marathon Gremlin ruled my life. And then, on February 15th, that nasty little monster sneaked back out and started stealing all my time away again.

I planned to spend the second half of February enjoying the Olympics. I had this bright idea that I could keep my feet up, enjoy some tea, and cheer for the athletes of my choice. I was ready to stay in and not run for a little while.

In real life, NBC has the worst signal of any other network in Lubbock, so there was an unfortunate lack of cheering at our house (but I did manage a large amount of whining about how much I hate NBC). It turns out that there is one activity after another demanding my attention. And I can only drink a certain amount of tea before my organs start to float away.

The first week of March has not, unfortunately, been any calmer. In fact, it's been worse, because I'm back to running. So, here I am, cancelling some activities and otherwise trying to slow down my life. Again. I don't care if "everybody's doing it"; I don't want to be busy. I love my life calm.

And now, I'm going to root out that little demon and send him packing.

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