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19 March 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the stop sign

Anyone who is around me for more than five minutes knows of my firm belief that life-- or at least my life-- is a string of awkward moments.

I was out running on Thursday evening, a hard & fast run, and I was having to push myself to keep going. Meanwhile, lots of things on me were hurting-- it comes with the territory. And then an amazing thing happened.

A particular moment in my life, one I've always remembered with a great deal of embarrassment and maybe a smidge of "yeah, that was kind of cool", suddenly leaped into my head seemingly out of nowhere. (Seriously, I've no idea where the thought came from.) And just then, I realised that this memory was not only not embarrassing, but it actually was really, really cool and I'm pretty happy to have it stored in my memory banks.

And then I realised something else-- I was running faster. I had a smile on my face. All the hurting & breathing hard had been forgotten for that brief minute that I was back reliving the memory of one little moment.

Such is the power of a happy memory.

I'm not going to share the moment itself on here; cool though I now know it was, it was still a bit awkward & I have to tell it in person to really do it justice. So if you must know, ask me when next you see me.


sparquay said...

well, I guess I won't ask you what it was then! Since, (a) it's a very remote chance that I'll see you anytime soon and (b) even if I do see you again, it's even more remote that I'll remember to ask you about it.

Su said...

Both excellent points. You were actually present for this particular awkward moment, as it happens. Hey, we'll have to drop by & see you the next time we go to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Hummmm I wonder if I could remember it without you telling me???

Su said...

Aaron, was that you again? Truly, I doubt that anyone but me remembers it.