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20 March 2010

St Pat's

Last year for St. Patrick's Day, I made sure to load up the iPod with the Irish & Celtic Music St. Patrick's Day special, and it was a good one. Include in it was a very amusing song entitled, "Saint Patrick Never Drank." Look it up, listen & enjoy!

So, I celebrated St. Patty's Day by sleeping in until 6:30 AM. It's a wild & crazy life I lead. I dug out my special green ribbon with the shamrocks on it to wear in my hair & was all set for a day of... work. 'Cause that's what I did all day.

And in the evening, Chad & I dropped by Sunset to hear Chad's friend Eli speak. (I guess after knowing him my entire married life I can call him my friend, too... I just don't feel like I know him quite well enough for that yet, since I'm a bit British in my approach to "friend" and "acquaintance". Perhaps a subject for another time.) And as ever, he was very encouraging to hear.

Chad, by the way, had all four wisdom teeth out on Tuesday & so he was a bit drugged for the whole thing Wednesday night, but he was no less encouraged and is already patiently waiting for the lesson to appear online in mp3 format so he can hear it again. And actually, I am too.

We finished off our wild night with a trip to United-- no day is complete without going to get groceries, I always say!-- to get some more soft foods for my unfortunate husband. I hope he gets better soon, or Lubbock may run out of pudding.

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