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18 March 2010

Yes, I really do love you THAT much.

I think I'm turning my blog into a South Plains love-fest. Meh. It's my blog, right? I know half of my followers are SP people, so I may as well express my appreciation.

Last night Chad & I went to a special event at another church in town, so it didn't really feel like a Wednesday night. I've caught myself thinking "I'm going to South Plains tonight" many times today, only to have to remind myself that it's Thursday & I have to wait until Sunday to see our church family.


At the risk of sounding trite (or giving any of my readers a cavity), the Lord has blessed us with the people at South Plains. I never saw it coming, that's certain! The first few months at SP I was convinced that it was not the place for me. I'm so happy that I was wrong.

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