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15 March 2010

You can keep your cute blogs!

You know, I start to read one person's blog. And they have a link to someone else's blog. Someone I know who I think might have something reasonably enjoyable to say (or, if that someone is a parent, at least some cute pictures to ooh and aah over). So I click that link and read the blog. And this new blog has a link so someone else's blog, and...

Down that road many hours lie. But hey, as long as I'm having fun, right?

I think I've read the blog of every 25-to-35-year-old at South Plains over the course of the last few days (and if you're wondering, it all started with Lesley). And you know what? All those people have cuter blogs than I do.

Not just because they have adorable children to look at, although that is part of it. No, it's because they all have fun, scrapbook-y like backgrounds with lots of bright colours and fun shapes.

Then I come back to my own blog. Meh. My blog isn't pretty; it's functional. (Much like myself, ha ha ha.) I toyed with the idea of changing my background for about 5 seconds on Sunday afternoon.

And then I decided that I like by blog, as boring as it is. So, you can all keep your pretty blogs (and please do-- I need something pretty to look at from time to time), and I'll stick with plain Jane.

Because it takes enough effort to come up with something intelligent to say, and I don't dare divert that energy to cuteness.

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