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21 March 2010

Words: 1 Corinthians 6:7

I need to add a disclaimer: I realise that my reflections on these words/sayings/verses are going to be wildly yanked out of their original context. I am not worried about that, because they don't float around in my head in context. What you read here are the musings of a random-access memory doing what it can with a phrase or two.

"Why not rather be wronged?" 1 Corinthians 6:7

I use this verse. I use it as an excuse to not care. I use it as a reason to not be offended. I use it as justification for not defending myself or demanding my rights when the situation may warrant it. I use it... pretty much how I want to use it.

Unfortunately for me, this verse does have a way of cropping up...
When I'm tired.
When I'm cranky.
When someone in traffic cuts me off.
When a coworker complains for no apparent reason.
When I'm frustrated.
And so on.

I'm glad (mostly) that this verse hangs out in my head. I'm grateful that it crops up when I'd least like it to, because it means that whole "write my words on your heart" thing really is working out like it's supposed to.

I'm thankful that I think of it when I see someone else making a fool of herself with her complaints and "I-was-wronged"-ness, so that I can be warned and not do likewise. (I am thinking of a fellow patron at a restaurant recently, but she was by no means the first I've been embarrassed for.)

I want to do this better. I want to do this well. I want to remember that the universe does not revolve around me, and that when we're all sharing the same planet, sometimes I'll be the one who is wronged.

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