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09 March 2010

Victory for Gracie

I love the family at South Plains with all of my heart. And today that heart is aching.

I don't have statistics, and I'm not that interested in finding any, but it seems that our congregation has suffered a disproportionate number of heartaches when it comes to children. We have had too many miscarriages, serious illnesses, and losses, and those are just the ones I've heard about. There are many, many people who have spent hours in prayer for these precious children; some little ones have recovered as we hoped, and some have had to cope with chronic conditions for the long haul.

And some, as much as it hurts those left behind, have gained the ultimate victory.

Gracie was 15 months old when she was called home this morning. I bet she met up with her Grandma as she arrived. I bet she played with Jesus for a while. I bet she is already making friends with some of the other precious little ones that have been called earlier than we would have liked. I bet she will be watching over her family as her sisters grow older; someday she will no doubt become an Auntie and will have a beautiful vantage point from which to see little nieces & nephews.

I bet she will send down a kiss & hug every time her parents look at her picture.

My heart breaks for her parents, who are younger than I am; why must they face such loss so early in life? And for Gracie's grandparents, and her aunts & uncles, and her small cousins-- her little life has touched so many people. She leaves behind a hole in so many hearts.

We will see you again, Gracie. And we will rejoice together that we have gained the victory in Jesus.


Chadwick said...

You express yourself very well and share a loving heart. My simple response is: I concur. :)

Tricia said...

Thank you for writing this...