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13 March 2010

Cuteness at Prairie Dog Town

There are a lot of kids in the running club. I enjoy watching them, because some of them have the sprint-then-walk-then-sprint approach to running, while others are sloooooowly learning the importance of pacing themselves throughout the race (one of the local PE teachers, who is also in the running club, is responsible for most of them learning how to pace). It's fun to see.

I happened to look around this morning in time to see two little girls, who are coached by the aforementioned teacher, finish the running portion of their warm-up & begin doing some lunges across the grass. I was pretty impressed with them because a) they remembered to do lunges at all, and b) they were doing them with good form.

And then I saw, following behind them, a little sister who looked to be about three, also trying to do lunges. She would take a big step, then look at the older girls, then take a big step while bending her knee, then take another big step & forget to bend her knee. So cute!

The older I get, the more I realise just how many small eyes are watching and how important it is to be careful of my words & actions, especially when around little eyes & ears. But that's a hard message to understand when you are still pretty small yourself, so I was also impressed with the elder sister that she didn't shoo off the little girl, but instead took her hand when they were finished & led her back to their mother. What a great sister she is.

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