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30 March 2012

Cloth Napkins

In advance of our move to Austin a couple of years ago, and because we had a frenzy of going-away dinners & parties, Chad and I bought a mega-pack of paper towels from our local mega-store.

We are still working our way through that pack of paper towels. I'm not sure if it was worthwhile because of its long-lastingness, or if it's a nuisance to have five rolls of paper towels stuck in a cabinet.

A good use of a napkin if ever I
saw one. Source.
Anyway! Today's green tip is to make the switch to cloth napkins instead of paper ones. As with most of my other green living switches, this one will cut down on your rubbish (great!) and save you some cash (even better). About the only way it won't save you money is if you wash the napkins all by themselves. Please don't do that; they can go in with your other kitchen towels/washcloths/etc. (In my house, they will probably go in with the regular clothes, but I acknowledge that other people are somewhat less barbaric than I.)

Another advantage of cloth napkins is that you can get more than one use out of them before washing. Only brushed a few crumbs off your lips? Fold it back up and put it away your next meal. Obviously, this doesn't apply in houses where napkins are regularly used to soak up the spilled orange juice (although in that case, perhaps you should bypass the napkins altogether and skip straight to giving everyone a kitchen towel).

If you (like me) have extra fabric kicking around your house, or you think the prices for cloth napkins are outrageous, or you just like making things, Kim over at Feathers from My Nest has a delightful, and fairly easy, tutorial for making your own. I can't wait to dig out my favourite fabric and sew up a few, as soon as we finish with our mega-pack of paper towels.

Do you use cloth napkins? Do you like them? Bonus: Insert humourous mega-store tales here!


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

For so many years it seemed that there was always someone with a cold in the house. I used paper napkins so they could be disposed of in the burning barrel. Germs go bye bye. I still use really cheap paper napkins.

Su said...

Hmm, yes, chronic illnesses may merit taking a closer look at one's napkin situation.

erica and christy said...

Back when we were raising puppies, we went through mega-packs of paper towels weekly. Come to think of it, we did that when our boys were toddlers, too! :)

And if it makes you feel better - I don't sort laundry anymore. A new red, blue, or brown shirt - sure, I'll divide and conquer. Anything else gets thrown together!

Su said...

Ha! I'm not sure what people with no paper towels do with the messiness of small people & animals. Just throw their rags away, I suppose?

My mother had me convinced that horrible things would happen if I didn't properly sort my laundry, always. You know what? She was wrong. The earth still turns. ;)

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Cloth napkins are SO much prettier than cloth diapers. Just saying...
Happy A to Z!

Su said...

Ah, yes. Very true! Although I would love a chance to use some cloth diapers, too. :)

Karen Peterson said...

We once bought a roll of plastic wrap that lasted for 12 years. And we used that stuff A LOT.

Su said...

Now THAT is impressive!