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23 March 2012

Welcome, Vermies!

Once upon a time, in the dim and distant past, I told you that Chad and I had begun composting on our patio.

We've been at it for a little over a year now. We know it's working, somewhat, because we've thrown all our fruit and veggie scraps in it, plus some paper every couple of weeks, and yet it still fits neatly into one bin (we did upgrade to a bin instead of the plant pot we were using). However, it hasn't worked quite as well as we had hoped, as I discovered when I tried to plant a little pine tree in our compost-- there are still quite large chunks of things we put in there ages ago kicking around. Bummer.

Definitely like this bag.
And the logo.
So, in the midst of some frustration, I made a beeline to websites about vermicomposting. After some poking around and consultation with Chad, we decided to order some vermies of our very own to see what they could do with our carrot peelings and strawberry leaves.

Our new pets duly arrived yesterday, in this adorable bag from Ecstatic Earth. I showed them to their new home, and then fished out a couple for a picture. They were not amused.

And now... we wait. It should take them a day or two to recover from travelling (much like humans), but we have lots of delicious treats for them to nibble out there, so I'm anxious to see them take off and become healthy, happy vermies. After all, who wants unhappy worms living on their porch?
The stars of the composting show!

Summertime may pose a problem, because these are not Texas vermies, and it's recommended that they come indoors when the temps are over 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). In Austin, that's mid-May through late September. So, I may be sharing more than my food scraps with my wriggly new pets in a couple of months' time.

Do you compost? Invite wildlife into your house? Do you think I've really gone round the bend this time?


Anonymous said...

When I worked in insurance we had some information cross our desks about composting with worms indoors. I think you can find some information on line about it.

Su said...

Oh, yeah. I have them all on standby. :)

JEFritz said...

Good luck with the worms. Are you really going to keep them inside for four months? Worms don't gross me out (well, not very much) but I'm not sure I'd like sharing a house with them. I suppose it would be all right as long as I didn't wake up and find them in my bed...

Su said...

If we want them alive, we have to keep them somewhere that it's not hot. But, composting worms usually don't make a bid for freedom, so we should be okay. (I hope!)

anthony stemke said...

I compost and have heard recommendations to get worms but now you say they can't stand the heat I probably won't. I did put a shovel-full of dirt in the bin, they say there are plenty of beneficial microorganisms in dirt.
I save my eggshells separately and likewise for coffee grinds. THEY say those are good to go around the base of trees and blueberry and other bushes.

Su said...

Yep! I've heard that about eggshells in particular-- you don't even have to bother composting them, just put them straight into the dirt with your plants.