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02 September 2012

Running Toward You

Sometimes I ponder my tendency to only post Christian-related things on Sundays. I don't intend to give the impression that Christianity is a Sunday game. I don't believe that at all.

I hope that I'm following Jesus all the time. I hope, if nothing else, I can leave behind encouragement where I go, at least most of the time, and not leave despair in my wake. If I'm spreading bad vibes all around, it's time to reexamine my life. Again.

Maybe I'm searching for reassurance today. An acquaintance said earlier this week that Chad and I have left our God. I don't even know what that means, but I wonder what made him say that. My suspicion is that we were an easy target for something else gone wrong in his life right now, but it could be that with this person we got it wrong. Maybe the encouragement I was seeking to spread a few days ago seemed more like sarcasm or superiority. Or maybe, like so many other things, loving Jesus isn't something that you can easily see over the internet. Maybe that's why Jesus visited before mobile phones and Blogger, before TVs and radios and Facebook. There's no substitute for a person standing beside you, offering a hug, holding your hand, no matter how kindly worded 140 characters may be.

I don't believe I've left God. I'm still running toward him. But I don't want to knock anyone over in my rush to get to my destination, because it turns out God is running alongside me the whole way. And the people in the road with me are kind of the point: there's not reason to be here if I can't spread some kindness. And although the distance and interwebs may separate us, dear friends, I hope I can send a spark of joy your way, too.

What's making you joyful today? Or, if you prefer, is there something I can pray for you today?

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Jennie Townsend said...

Your brother made me joyful yesterday which is actually the day you wrote this so I guess that counts.