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03 September 2012

First Week

The University of Texas at Austin does not start classes on the last Monday in August like every other university (at least, all the ones I know of) in Texas. Oh, no. They wait and begin two days later, on Wednesday. I was cool with that.

My graduate school (Texas Tech) does not have this policy. They started on Monday, by golly. I was less pleased with this.

But hey, I'm an online student! And my one and only class meets on Wednesday! So, I still started on the day that I've come to think of as THE DAY for school starting. Result!

My tendency, as an online student taking one class, will probably be to slack off. Being as I've already had to read a crap ton of rhetorical stuff, I think slacking off will be the worst idea ever. So, I'm reading.

My first class? I brought home my work laptop so that I could use a newer, faster, and (according to all the Mac ads) less-likely-to-crash computer for the online meeting. In real life, this sleek little computer froze up, twice, in a 90-minute period. Plus, the discussion was so far over my head that I couldn't keep up anyway.

Yeah. So, first week as a grad student was not so grand. But the fun, paper-writing part is still to come, so it's bound to get better, yes?



Jennie Townsend said...

I'm sure you will be brilliant as always.

Alisha said...

Congrats! Good luck with grad school. You can do it, and I'm sure it'll get better. At least that's what I've heard ;P

JEFritz said...

A lot of first days have hiccups. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this Wednesday will be better. Good luck! Stay positive :)

Su Wilcox said...

@Jennie: Thanks!

@Alisha: I think so, too. :)

@JE: It worked! Yesterday was much better. :)