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01 October 2012

Nothing to Report

Chad asked me something about my blog the other day, and I told him, "I still have things to write, but I haven't taken the time to write them." And then I sat down to write, and can't remember all the things I  wanted to write about. Meh.

Last week I went out of town with my work to do bicycle things. I also had to turn in my first reading response for grad school. Before that... yeah, I don't know. I probably tweeted about it.

Denise & I making faces at
each other. Kinda.
My sister moved in! Yay! I'm so very happy to have her here. So far we've spent a lot of time waiting for buses. Seriously, I don't know why she is so lucky, but I swear CapMetro has gotten slower since she moved here. No need to raise expectations, I suppose.

I hope to go around and visit a few blogs this week, maybe make some friends, that sort of thing. Also, did everyone else notice that NaNoWriMo starts in a month? Holy macaroni.

What are you up to? Any brilliant NaNo ideas you aren't planning to use that I can swipe?


Trisha Leaver said...

I have the same problem ... all these things to say and when I sit down to blog about them they simply vanish. So frustrating!

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

How about geriatric detective living in subsidized housing and being written about by an elderly lady trying to make ends meet on inadequate pensions and being helped by her elderly next door friend who is in the same boat? Is that a run on sentence or what? I can just feel the ancient detectives panic as the author leaves her frozen in a predicament while she makes her tea and thinks about it lol. There you go...that one's free.