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20 June 2013


Well, according to my usual sources, I'm spelling this one wrong. Usually I find a list of variant spellings (see Emilie) but this time? Not so much. So I turned to some unusual sources.

Variant of Melody, from the word melody, as in the lead part of the song that everyone remembers. Came to us from Greek via French and Latin. Melody first appeared in the top 1000 girls names in the US in 1942. It's currently the 173rd most popular girls name in the US, but hit its height of popularity (so far) in 1961, when it was #172. My chosen variant Melodie is not in the top 1000 in the US, but was sometime around the 1960s (the source is not very clear, unfortunately).

Famous Melodies: Bit of a problem area. Melodie Howe (author) is the only one I found, and yay, I've heard of her! Melody is slightly more popular with famous people, but I don't really recognise any of their names.

Fictional Melodies: Not so much. Melody, on the other hand... Melody Pond, Doctor Who; Melody, Out of My Mind.

This is kind of what Melodie looks
like in my head. From mokra on
My Melodies: I know a couple of Melodys, who I occasional see on Facebook. But Melodie? Nope, just my character, who is Sybil's youngest sister. Melodie is really quite cool, but since Sybil doesn't notice that much (older sisters-- we can be so thoughtless!), neither do the readers. But at least I know. Maybe Melodie will get her own story soon.

Do you know any Melodies or Melodys?

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mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Nope...nary a one. Pretty name though.

J E Fritz said...

I don't know any either. Too bad. It's a pretty name. I don't know why it's not more popular.

Su Wilcox said...

I was surprised, too! I guess I thought I've always known lots of Melodys, but it seems I was mistaken.