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19 August 2013

What Do You Do?

A few weeks ago, a friend who I see a lot on social media but haven't seen in person for many years asked, "So what is it you do? I've just realised I don't know."

Saw this on Google+. Joked that I need to do
this, with Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn,
and Reddit on the other hand.
I was a bit horrified.

In case you don't know, I do the social media and communications for BikeTexas, the statewide bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group. While I don't make a big deal out of this on my personal social media pages, I do mention it from time to time (as most people do with their jobs), and until that moment I had considered myself to be an above average social media user. But a friend who knows me in real life? Had no idea I was a social media manager? It's moments like that that tell me it's time to step up my game.

So, up I stepped. I've filled my Feedly with social media news. I joined Google+ and LinkedIn groups. I started reading all the articles I can get my hands on about best practises. I still think I'm an above average social media user, but now I have the additional fun of being a bit of a snob when I see other brands making mistakes that a few milliseconds of Google searching will tell you not to make.

So what? Well, this is why I haven't been blogging. My summer off from grad school turned into a summer of learning how to be a great social media manager, or at least a shade-above-mediocre one. But I have missed spilling my thoughts on here. Good news-- classes start back next week! I'll have a lot more to talk about and a lot less time to write it down, if the last two semesters are anything to go by.

Are we connected? If not, why not? I'm on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest! (My Facebook is still private. I'm more fun on those other networks, anyway.) Let's be friends!

Has someone ever made an innocent comment to you that turned into a call to action?


Crystal Collier said...

The one I'm gearing up to crunch right now is Tumblr. *gulp* There are so many social media outlets, it's hard to become proficient in just one. What's a girl to do?

Su Wilcox said...

Practice. At least, I hope! That's what I'm doing! :)

I haven't ventured onto Tumblr yet, but it's next on my list as well.

J E Oneil said...

I take innocent comments seriously all the time. I'm reactive like that :P.

Social Media Manager sounds like a cool job. Keep up the good work!

Su Wilcox said...

It's cool most of the time. It's less cool when i wake up and discovered our followers went crazy overnight and the conversation on any of our pages has drifted into a realm where we'd rather it not be. I'm not that fussy, but we are strictly all-age-friendly on all our networks and sometimes I spend the first ten minutes after waking up removing all the swearing and/or suggestive content. Not often. :)