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14 November 2013


Technically, as we work our way down the Walton family tree, we've come to John. However, I did a post on Jonathan already, and while Behind the Name tells me they are not exactly the same, I'm calling it close enough.

So! We'll just skip right over Papa Walton and straight on to Mama.

If you've never seen Fringe,
you totally should. Source.
This name is a Will Shakespeare original, and Behind the Name says "Its rise in popularity in America was precipitated by a character on the 1970s television series The Waltons." Hey! Right on. Olivia has all sorts of popularity right now (well, in 2012): It's the #4 name for girls in the US, also #4 in Scotland and New South Wales, Australia, #2 in England and Wales, and #1 in British Columbia, Canada. Something is making her very popular, and I doubt that it's Mama Walton.

Famous Olivias: Olivia Newton-John (actor/singer); Olivia Holt (actor); Olivia Clemens (wife of Mark Twain).

Fictional Olivias: Olivia Walton; Olivia (Twelfth Night); Olivia Dunham (Fringe).

My Olivias: A couple who I know a little. None that I see on a regular basis, except on Facebook.

Do you know any Olivias?


J E Oneil said...

No, I don't know any. I must be just old enough to not run into the Olivia craze.

Cool info :)

Su said...

Despite knowing a couple of Olivias, I always thought of it as an older woman's name thanks to The Waltons. Guess I was way off.