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19 December 2013


When you see this moment at the end of
The Waltons opening credits, it's flipped
the other way round. This is what they
all look like in a mirror. Source.
Still working my way through the entire Walton clan, but it's been a while, so I'll recap: We've talked about Zebulon (Grandpa Walton), Esther (Grandma Walton), skipped over John (Daddy Walton) since I did a Jonathan post a while back, Olivia (Mama Walton), and now I've skipped over John-Boy, also because of the Jonathan post, to bring us to my favourite Walton: Jason.

I'm not sure why Jason is my favourite, or when that happened, because at some point in time I was definitely more of a Mary-Ellen fan. Fun fact: Jason Walton was not going to be a musician until The Waltons cast Jon Walmsley, who is a musician, and they clearly didn't want to waste that opportunity. (For which I am very thankful.)

From the Greek iasthti, meaning "to heal". Aww! How sweet. Currently #76 in the US for boys, but it was #2 in the '70s, and even got as high as #562 for girls in the US in the '70s. Good job, Jason Walton. It's currently #71 (for boys, not girls) in Ireland and #74 in Netherlands.

Famous Jasons: Jason and the Argonauts, Jason Alexander (actor), Jason Bateman (actor), Jason Priestly (actor), a whole bunch more actors, Jason Kidd (NBA), and there's a Jason in the Bible

I posted this on my Facebook page on Friday the 13th, because
why wouldn't you? Source.
Fictional Jasons: Jason Bourne (the Bourne trilogy; gosh, I love those movies, but have never read the books), Jason Gideon (Criminal Minds), Jason the Power Ranger, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th series).

My Jasons: I discovered quite by accident last Friday (the 13th) that there are six Jasons on my Facebook friends list. And there are a bunch more who I'm not connected to on FB. (This probably has something to do with being born during the Jason boom of the 70s.) Most Jasons I know are lovely people who I'm happy to share the planet with, although there were a couple of less-lovely ones in high school. I have not yet written a Jason, but stay tuned. There's still time.

Are you a Jason? Do you know any Jasons? Do you think Jason was the best Walton ever?

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J E Oneil said...

Huh, I can't think of any Jasons that I know personally. With it being in the top 100 of names, you'd think I'd have at least one. :)

Su said...
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Crystal Collier said...

I know a couple Jasons, but my favorite one set me up with my hubby years and year and year and years ago. Is it any wonder I think he's the best? =)