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12 March 2015

How It Has to Be

I can't believe my husband and Terry Pratchett would leave me within three weeks of each other like this.

But there's this quote from Soul Music, the first Terry Pratchett book I ever read, that has gotten me through other crappy times (although none as crappy as this, I have to say):
You could say to the universe, this is not fair. And the universe would say: Oh, isn't it? Sorry.
You could save people. You could get there in the nick of time. And something could snap its fingers and say, no, it has to be this way. Let me tell you how it has to be.
― Terry Pratchett, Soul Music
So, on I go.
This is my favourite Terry Pratchett book so far, but I'm nowhere near
having read them all. So I may change my mind.
Image from Goodreads, and while you're there, you should check
out all the rest of Terry Pratchett's books.


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Great quote.

Anonymous said...

You can't argue with the Universe. You'll only give yourself a head ache.

J E Oneil said...

Losing Terry Pratchett is a blow to readers everywhere.

Su Wilcox said...

Yes. To all.

Although it turned out today was a good day for me to find out that a quote I see sometimes in fanfiction was a Terry Pratchett original. I hadn't read it yet, but that made me giggle.