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08 September 2015

In My Mailbox

I knew being friends with authors would come in handy!

I messaged said friend a few weeks ago and told her that I'm finally working my way through my neglected to-read list that I had to put to one side while I was still in grad school, and asked where I could purchase her book. Sad news: You can't right now. Happy (for me) news: She arranged to have a copy sent to me.

I just turned in a bunch of library books, so this & my other new books from a couple weeks ago are next on my list. Don't talk to me; I'm reading.

Just kidding; totally talk to me. What are you reading (or writing, or watching) this week?


Amy Shaw said...

Just finished David Copperfield. I totally enjoyed it. Now I am reading French Impressions about a family who spend a year in France in 1950; a totally different type book but still entertaining.

Su Wilcox said...

Hmmm, Dickens. I'm in two minds about Dickens. I've liked two of his books and loathed all the rest I've read.

J E Oneil said...

A copy sent right to you. Lucky! Have fun with all your books.

Su Wilcox said...

Right?? Here's hoping I can pay it forward someday.