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01 September 2015

More About Summer Reading

If you read yesterday's post about the summer reading program I participated in at church, you may have noticed that I didn't technically answer the question "How does reading aid your spiritual growth?". While answering, I didn't address the fact that I wasn't answering the question (except to take the long way round and come in by the back door, sorta), but I do want to talk about that a bit, because there were Reasons.

1) I don't actually know the answer. I usually don't figure out until much later that something has aided my growth in any area, and my spiritual growth is no exception. I should probably work harder to be more aware of what's going on in my own brain, but geez, that's kind of a scary place. There be dragons, y'all.

2) I don't read a lot of Christian literature, either non-fiction or fiction. That's mainly because after many years of trying to find Christian fiction that I like, I just gave up. Most of it is bad or bland or both. Francine Rivers is writing some great stuff, but most everything else I've read (or tried to read)... I just can't do it. Recommending A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is as close as I get to Christian non-fiction most days. But that's really not a spiel I want to deliver at church, not even by way of explanation that my reading doesn't directly address my spiritual life. I save that speech for when people ask me privately what books I recommend.

Did I ever share this photo after I came home from NYC? It's
an exhibit at The Guggenheim. I don't remember the title,
but the idea is that it's a shelf of books that were never
3) I told Denise when I was preparing to speak, "Reading is like breathing for me. How am I supposed to talk about it? What do I even say?" After I thought over that metaphor a bit, I realised it's a bit overblown--reading is more like eating than breathing. I might get busy for a while and not have the time to read, or even forget that I've missed out on reading much like I might miss a meal when I'm busy. But after a while, something in me will start to ache to be fed. And if I were to go too long without reading, key parts of who I am would start to wither and die. For my mind and personality to continue to thrive, I need a regular diet of books. But how do you explain something that fundamental to a group of people who don't necessarily have that same need? I can't do it. So I dive in with my current read and see where it goes from there.

What fills a deep need in your life? Could you explain it to someone who doesn't share the need?


J E Oneil said...

I often find important things hard to explain, which I always found annoying because, you know, writer. Your reading = eating is probably the best way you could put it. I don't think I could come up with a better analogy for why I need something.

Su Wilcox said...

I know, right? People who like words as much as we do being so often at a loss for words is probably some kind of cosmic balancing act.