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01 August 2016

Tomorrow Comes

This post was supposed to happen a week ago. I got a bit behind. So! We're just going to pretend that I have a TARDIS handy and go ahead with my planned posts like a whole bunch of cool things didn't happen to me last week. Okay? Great.

July 25, 2015 was an amazing day, and far and away my best day of 2015. My dream of 20+ years, to see Les Misérables on Broadway, finally came true--in the company of my best friend, in the middle of an amazing weekend, and only hours after I first laid eyes on the Museum of Modern Art. (We fit in some other fun stuff, too.)

Just one of the many wonders of MoMA.
I'll spare you my usual raving about Les Mis (for now). That day, when the ensemble strode onto the stage for "At the End of the Day," I wondered, "Do they know how awesome this is? Do they know the effect they're having on the audience? Do they know how badly some of us watching needed to be here today, to see this?" 

I've read enough of the casts' interviews to know that it's as emotional a show for the performers as it is for the audience. I know they do get how much this show affects its viewers and that they take that seriously. I love that about this cast. 

I hate that this beautiful show is closing, which is why I went racing to NYC to see it again. But I will never forget that one shining day in the middle of 2015, when some amazingly talented performers stood on a Broadway stage to remind me that even the darkest night will end. Some days are still dark, but I'm starting to see a sunrise around the edges.

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