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20 October 2016

In Daylights, in Sunsets, in Midnights, in Cups of Coffee

When I heard that the Rent 20th anniversary tour was happening, I was pretty happy. When I found out that it was launching in Bloomington, Indiana, just a 90-minute drive from my hometown, I was, well, over the moon.

So my sister-in-law and I plotted to head down to see Rent just a couple days after we returned from our grand Wicked adventure, taking along my niece and two of her friends. They were a mite excited, too. At the last minute, my sister-in-law fell ill, leaving it to my hapless brother to drive three teenage girls and me to Bloomington to see a show he was not that excited about in the first place. He's a good sport, my brother.

We ended up in the balcony with a decent view of the stage, and the cast did not disappoint. Seeing the girls enjoy the show so much would have been worth driving a lot farther (although I did tell them that they can't sing along in live theatre, no matter how badly they want to)--living in a little town in the middle of Indiana isn't the worst thing in the world, but it does put certain limitations on how often one gets to see live professional theatre. The set is gorgeous and the cast is fantastic, although if I had to pick a pair of favourites it would be Aaron Harrington (Tom Collins) and David Merino (Angel).

If the tour is coming to you, it's definitely worth seeing. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this one for kids, since it has some pretty heavy themes, but if your kids are ready for it, then on you go (the three girls with us were by no means the youngest people in the theatre in Bloomington). It's a beautiful show with great music. No day but today, y'all.

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