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06 October 2016

Rolling Along, SORTA

Wednesday is (in theory) my usual transportation day here at Cheekyness, but my days are so messed up that it can't possibly matter. So, here we are.

Isn't the flower-ish logo totally adorable? Cutesy name,
cutesy logo--SORTA has it all! Source.
When I started researching Cincinnati, one of the first things I learned is that the local transit authority goes by the acronym SORTA, which inspires a lot more giggles than confidence. (SORTA = Southwestern Ohio Regional Transit Authority) Researching apartments reasonably near transit lines turned those giggles to apprehension in a hurry--this city has a bunch of bus lines that only run a few times per weekday, meaning lots of locations are unserved or underserved on evenings and weekends, which unfortunately happens to be the time that I usually like to go to a bookstore, or a theatre, or church. Or possibly to work, depending on what happens in the next couple of weeks.

That is a surmountable obstacle, probably, or at least a bridge I can figure out how to cross three or four miles down the road. In the meantime, I tried one of those limited service bus lines today, and dang, if it didn't get me home in less than half the usual time. I don't know how that bus wasn't more packed. If I had to choose, I'd choose service at more times over faster services at fewer times, but since it's not up to me, I plan to enjoy that limited express bus as often as possible.

Fares are also tricky here. Well, kinda. Lots of transit services have fares based on how far you're going, rather than a flat fare, but I've lived in flat-fare-land for the last 16 years and am having to readjust my mind to living in a place where more miles = more money. I bought a 30-day pass on the app covering both of the zones I travel through, so it's not really that complicated for me, but I do sit back in amazement at other people who do this every day without giving it a second thought. The last time I lived in a place with this kind of fare system, I gave it a second or third thought every day.

And lastly (for now), the app. I knew it was kind of a new thing, because one day it magically appeared on the website where there had been no mention of it before, but even if I hadn't known the reaction of the drivers would be enough to tip me off. First of all, the type on the app is WAY too small, so that every one of them has to squint to see what they're looking at. Secondly, they mostly act surprised that I have a mobile pass but then they remember me later, so I guess that's a plus. And thirdly, a couple of them have asked me how I like the app pass. So yeah, definitely a learning curve happening here. If Cincinnati Metro were to ask me, I'd tell them that the next update needs much bigger print, so the drivers and I can all read it.

And that's my first week with Cincinnati Metro. Don't worry; I'm sure there will be plenty more to share as this city and I get used to each other.

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