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04 May 2008


Yes, the fateful day has come and gone. And along with it, all my excuses for being goofy, acting a bit silly, and making questionable decisions.

Believe it or not, I have reached an age at which a certain standard of maturity is expected (not to mention wisdom and sensibility). To which I just have to say: Dang!

Actually, I am really happy about turning 30. My parents, on the other hand, have gone into mourning at the thought of being old enough to have a 30-year-old. Hee!

In accordance with time-honoured tradition (meaning, this is what I did for my 21st birthday, too), Chad and I went to Friday's. We haven't been to Friday's since we were dating (and probably won't go again until I turn 40), and I gotta tell ya, I think they have remodeled in the intervening time, cause it looked a bit different than I remember. Or perhaps I'm just remembering a different restaurant.

Pictures from my 21st and 30th birthdays will be forthcoming as soon as I can find them.

Also, my pal Dawn sent me a very cute bear, which delighted me to no end.


sparquay said...

Wait a second! I think I remember your 21st birthday! Hehe. That was a fun night! Well happy birthday and you're now a trigenarian!

Su said...

I think you're going prematurely senile, because it was the middle of the day. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Kar said...

Sorry this is belated, but happy birthday! I am not far behind you. :) I like the new hair color, by the way. Very pretty.