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11 May 2008

Where did all these strange accents come from?

(By way of apology in advance: I can't seem to do anything with the formatting when I put photos on here.)

So we've just returned from our sixth Bible Bowl banquet.

(Yes, I did stop to count those on my fingers; if you are curious, our BB years have been: Matthew (2003), Life of Moses (2004), Luke (2005), Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (2006), Acts (2007-- we weren't actually involved this particular year, except that I went to a couple of competitions, we got t-shirts, and went to the banquet), and finally, 1 Samuel in 2008.)

This is a much-anticipated event every spring, if only because it means that the madness is at an end for eight months. But it is also a fun time to get together and act silly, and eat. And act silly.

I was thoroughly delighted that Randy, in the course of trying to use half-a-dozen accents in the space of 30 seconds, stopped to say, "That was a Scottish accent!" Glad that I could be such a good influence on those around me. Yes, my work here is done.

Pictures from the event:

Proud Bible bowl mothers (and sister). It's okay that their kids are teachers, right?

More proud parents (and sister).

Charlie and Randy, trying to remember which accent they used last.

Tricia and Rebecca.

And the lovely Toni, enjoying the show (and possibly thanking her stars that she is not in it this time around).

Yeah, so I'm like the Bible bowl paparazzi now. I think I got a shot of everyone at least once.

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