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26 May 2008

Thursday & Friday

We went to the gym with Grandma. We went to the doctor with Mum. We went to Hamilton Southeastern High School with Denise & Dad for our packet pickup (Dad only went because he was convinced we would never find the way there). We introduced the family to the use of ground turkey, instead of ground beef.

Chad wanted to buy bananas, but they were all green. I wanted to eat spaghetti, but we didn't have any.


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Hey, haven't heard anything from you in a long time. Did you quit reading my blog, ha! Guess what, Krissi and I are moving to Lubbock :) We should get together sometime

Nora said...

So Morgan and I saw you guys last night on our way to Hobby Lobby from our new apartment. I didn't register that I knew who you were until we were already passed and I thought it might freak you out if we started to follow you...
But since I saw you I and didn't say hi in person, I thought I would give type you an electronic hi!

Su said...

Beau, this is my way of getting you to comment on my blog. See, it worked!!

Nora, you freak me out anyway... oh, wait, I mean, you wouldn't freak me out if I saw you. Especially if you invited me along to Hobby Lobby. I would spend my entire paycheck there if we didn't have to pay for rent. :) Also, you got your husband to go to Hobby Lobby? How did you manage that? Would the same trick work for me?

Nora said...

LOL - my husband likes to go shopping with me... willingly! :) I don't know why ... he is really sweet and he knows how much I want him to give his opinion on everything I buy ... he actually picked out a piece of art for our apartment that I love and a cross-stitch kit for me while we were there... yeah he is pretty great!