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09 January 2009

Goodbye, 2008

Yes, I realise it seems a little bit late to be bidding adieu to a year that concluded 10 (nearly) days ago. However, since I didn't work the first four days of the year, it has taken me most of the week to finish up all the end-of-year crap that plagues every office. However, I am finished and now I am ready to close the books, quite literally, on 2008.

Also at work... my deskmate of three years retired last month, and I "inherited" the lion's share of her workload. This is not as unfair as it sounds (and feels, some days!), because our work overlapped in a few areas anyway, and we could both do each other's jobs at need, so now I've just absorbed her stuff that fits with what I already do. Anyway, one of the jobs that is now mine is that of ordering and keeping track of office supplies. This week, my coworkers had any misconceptions they may have had of me being kind and gracious well and truly put to rest! My predecessor would order things whenever someone asked, meaning some weeks we got two or three orders, other weeks we got none. Not me-- I sent out an email saying I will place orders ONCE a week, and any orders I don't have by Wednesday morning will have to wait to the following week. My office manager agreed, so I am in the clear. :)

And finally... I broke down and ordered a new iPod to replace the dead one that's been sitting around my house since September. Tomorrow, it gets its first test at our first race of the year; it is already loaded up and ready.

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