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24 January 2009

The T-shirt!

So I've had about 12 hours to think over this blog post. First things first: I am still alive and blogging. Unfortunately, most of the blogs over the past two weeks have happened in my head. But they were good ones! :)

There are now about four shirts that I have ever owned that have brought me delight to just receive them. The first one, undoubtedly, was my very first drama t-shirt my freshman year of high school, when we did Oliver. I don't know what happened to that shirt, but it was long gone by the time I graduated. Shame, too; I loved it. I was really in the drama club (I thought) once I owned that shirt.

Number two was probably my aim t-shirt. Same reasoning, really; after a few years of planning, dreaming, convincing parents, convincing a home congregation, and raising support, I had arrived. The glamour wore off after a while, and I gave that shirt away. I still have the one they gave me as an aim assistant; I use it as a running shirt. Hee!

Number three: My Scotland top, purchased in 2000. They've changed the top a couple of times since then, but I still own-- and wear-- the one the team was wearing at the one match I saw in person.

And now, we come to shirt #4, and the whole point of the post. Back in November, I raved about having met all three of my running goals in 2008 with a month to spare. We finally had the running club year-end party last night, and I now have hanging in my closet the visual proof that I am in the 66 mile club! I put it on as soon as we got home, so I could be all dressed up to watch Wall-E (more on that later). Since I miraculously didn't spill anything on it during the two hours I had it on, I'll also be wearing it to church tomorrow. And to work at least one day this week. And to any other place I can possibly think of. I worked hard for that t-shirt; much harder than for any of the other three. (Yes, please don't get out the aim-embossed tar and feathers, but running is waaaay harder than anything I did while I was in aim.)

So, there you have it! You would also have a picture, but Chad is still sleeping and I don't want to disturb him. So, stay tuned.

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