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10 September 2009

Uphill & back down

We went up to Pollock Pines to see Grandpa's siblings & have lunch. It's a really nice drive, as long as I can manage to stave off motion sickness. Luck was with me this day, and we had a good drive, a good visit and a fantastic lunch, because Grandpa's family can cook with the best of them.

We got in the car to go home and the excitement began-- the car wasn't working. I've never heard what the problem was, but we couldn't accelerate. Rather than call AAA and wait three days (which is what Aunt Ann said was bound to happen), we decided to take it home the back way. Fortunately, the road from Pollock Pines to Placerville is all downhill. Unfortunately, the downhill stopped once we got to Placerville. So, after getting stuck (in other words, the car died) in traffic & getting some assistance from a nice young man who was just hanging out, the car came to a stop at Round Table Pizza. Chad stayed with the car & dealt with the tow truck, while the rest of us got Grandpa home.

So, that was more of an adventure than we wanted. Oops.

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