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08 September 2009

Yes! I went on vacation!

Okay, I have this habit of promising gripping, exciting, detailed posts.

That almost never happens.

But let me tell you a bit about our trip to California, before memory fades completely...

My cousins' children are growing up. Waaaay too fast! The last time we saw them, Abby was six, Anny was one, and Chris & Addy were non-existent. Now, Abby is eleven, Anny is six, Chris is three & Addy is two! How did that happen?

What was really funny was that on our last trip, six-year-old Abby could hardly be peeled from my side. On this trip, six-year-old Anny could hardly be peeled from my side. She even got permission to sit with us during church, which was so sweet! It is hard to be admired by my small cousins, when I know that 1. I'm just not that great of a cousin, and 2. I'm not that great of a person, either. I shudder at the thought of how much responsibility all adults have when they have small eyes watching, and especially parents. Yikes! Time to start praying.

Chad's grandpa was very happy to see him, and we were pretty happy to see him, too. It's been too long since our last trip. Grandpa has terminal cancer, but that has not diminished his enjoyment of his family and friends. He gets tired, and I'm sure he gets discouraged, but he had on his "game face" while we were there and it was delightful to see him.

More to come...

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