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25 December 2009

... And all heaven broke loose. (Parts 2 - 5)

There are a lot of people who I love very dearly who go completely insane between Thanksgiving and New Year.

They are the "Merry Christmas!" people.

You've probably received at least one email from at least one of them, warning you about the dire plot to take Christ out of Christmas. They might list stores to avoid or ways to "win" over the "Happy Holidays" people.

And I certainly respect their right to feel this way, act this way, shop this way, etc. I just wish they wouldn't spill it on me so often. And I get a bit confused sometimes, because I belong to a conservative Protestant denomination that for the first 18 of my life told me that Christmas is not a Christian holiday.

Then I turned 18 and all heaven broke loose. (Yeah, I thought that would be a good title.) It would seem that we have changed our collective mind.

So, at the risk of losing all six of my followers & probably any friends/acquaintances/strangers that may come along, here are my suggestions for keeping Christ in Christmas (broken into three separate posts for your reading convenience).

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