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24 December 2009

Race Recap

Yep, it's Christmas Eve, there is snow on the ground, I've been baking all day, and all I can think about is how I haven't informed the world about my race two weeks ago. You gotta have priorities, after all.

So! To begin, we were car-free that weekend; the One Car needed to go in for repair, or else it was in danger of becoming the One Heap of Metal. Sarah agreed to ferry us to the race.

Before the race started, one of the board members stopped me to ask, "What size do you want for you 66-Mile t-shirt?" Ah, one of my favourite questions. Why, yes, I will take that t-shirt, thank you! I barely made it this year-- I needed that last race to get me there-- but hey, the rule is that you have to run 66 miles in WTRC races, and I ran 66.25 in 2009.

This is the race where last year I passed a couple of the Marines who were running with us. This year, they didn't run; I think they had a TON of Toys for Tots events happening that day & had to leave early. Regardless, I was just planning to have fun & not worry about my time-- this is a tough course, with the most serious hills we can find in Lubbock.

And, we all know what happens when I have a fun race & don't worry about my time: I set a new PR! Yep, sure did! And, of course, I didn't know it until much later that evening, when I finally got around to putting the race in my running log. Cool.

And, Sarah & I both got a medal, which was really nice. And we got some t-shirts that proudly shout, "I Ran with the U.S. Marines", even though we technically didn't, as aforementioned.

And most importantly of all, tomorrow morning some kids in Lubbock who might otherwise not have gotten anything from Santa will have a few new toys, thanks to the U.S. Marines. Semper Fi.

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