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16 December 2009

Make it Meaningful

I don't want to say I'm feeling rebuked right now, because that isn't the right word. Challenged, perhaps. Sad, certainly.

Chad & I strive to be content with what we have, and make good use of our resources. And yet, after reading these two blogs, I feel like we have far too much stuff.

Shaun Groves is a musician who works for Compassion International. He tells people about needy children everywhere he goes, and gives his audiences the chance to share from their excesses (and sometimes, from their too-tight budgets) and bless children who couldn't dream of having a fraction of what we have. Mr. Groves took a Compassion trip to India last summer, and mentioned how he hates to get new stuff after he's been on one of the trips because he has seen the poverty of others. All I did was read along, and I feel the same way.

And speaking of feeling the same way... Trey Morgan just got back from Honduras. He helped stage a banquet for people who live in a dump, searching for scraps of trash to live on.

This comes on top of reading an Unclutterer article about minimalist living a yesterday. While I'm not into minimalism for its own sake, I take the three things together (I did read them within a couple of days of each other, after all) and start to think that I could get rid of a lot of my stuff. And move into a smaller space. And spend less on rent, heat, and possessions. And sponsor as many kids through Compassion or through Trey's connections in Honduras or through Casa de la Esperanza in Mexico or through the Children's Home of Lubbock... as many as we possibly can.

And so with that thought, I share a video that Keely-- and many others-- have shared on Facebook.

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