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24 May 2010

I knew him well

While channel-flipping a few weeks ago, we ran across a scene with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart both in it. Of course, we stopped.

Said scene was the end of Hamlet, a brand-new version starring the aforementioned fantabulous actors, as well as a bunch of other equally talented people. It was only just released in the US, and it is won-der-ful. Even if you aren't all that into Shakespeare, it would still be worth watching just for the joy of seeing David Tennant really, really get into this part.

So, we borrowed the DVD from Hastings the moment it came available, and I had an enjoyable evening with a couple of friends watching. And then an even more enjoyable time watching it with Chad.

There's an advert on the DVD for more Shakespeare by this group. I think I'm a fan.

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